Our team created the DEFiBot, and today it is the only functioning bot of automatic arbitrage trading on decentralized exchanges, available to a wide range of users.

The DEFiBot handles the smart contracts of decentralized exchanges directly, rather than their human-driven websites. This allows it to execute trades much faster than a human can. The bot uses a unique, specially trained neural network to track thousands of options in search of the best arbitrage deals. And it will always beat any trader who is simply not physically capable of such analysis.

We offer the best solution on the market, and we are personally interested in your success, because we get a % of your profits earned for you by the DEFiBot.
That's why we will help you in every way and support you all the time we work together.

In arbitrage trading, we don't care whether the market is rising or falling. Nor does the price of a token matter. What matters is the difference in the price of that token on different decentralized exchanges. The more decentralized exchanges there are, the more opportunities to get profit automatically.

Major asset 

Capital strategy

Working capital limits

DEXarBOT`s work cycle

Min liquidity pool

Arbitrage yield per trade(%).

Liquidity pool age

WhiteList tokens only

Exclude Deflationary Tokens

Wallet to withdraw profits.

Withdrawal settings 

Documentation will be coming soon.

The Whitelists are compiled by the DEFiBot's team, after examination of each asset.
New tokens are included in the whitelists after careful research.
You can check if the token you are interested in is on our list.

You can propose a new token to be added to the total whitelist yourself.
Or create personalized whitelists in the user settings. 

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